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How far do you deliver?

Queens area deliveries are open HERE

For deliveries to New Jersey, Brooklyn & Queens, please check our zip code chart for available areas.

When can we expect arrival for distant deliveries?

All deliveries are made by following schedule with your selection of date during checkout.

Manhattan / Brooklyn / Queens / NJ : Thursday 12pm - 9pm

Because deliveries are made by our own team, we contact you via phone call or text messages with the number given during the checkout, prior to arrival and make sure you're available at the time. 

How fresh are the meal kit ingredients? For how long can we keep them uncooked?

All ingredients are carefully packed the day before or on the day of delivery at our kitchen, using ice packs and insulated bags to deliver them at best quality. Please keep all ingredients refrigerated as soon as you receive and they are good to keep for 2 days uncooked.

When can we visit TonTon to dine-in?

We are aiming to begin dine-in services in 2022. In the meanwhile, we are offering TonTon dine-in menus at Izakaya MEW flushing location!

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